Domain registration is to register the domain name (i.e. hostingbay.com.au) and the hosting service is where your website files and emails are stored.

If your website has been designed to use .ASP then you’ll need Windows hosting. If  your website has been designed to use .PHP and HTML, then you’ll usually choose Linux hosting. Most website use Linux, if you’re not sure call us and we’ll work out the best hosting for your website.

The type of hosting you will need depends on what sort of website you will have. If your site will be coded in ASP or requires Windows, you will need to select a Windows hosting plan. Otherwise you are likely to be well suited to a Linux plan. If your website is particularly large you may need a private server in the form of a VPS plan, however most people start on shared hosting for Linux and grow from there.

It depends on how much disk space and bandwidth you need, you can contact your website developer to check the website size and then choose a package to suit. If you need more disk space in the future, you can upgrade your package at any time, it’s quick and easy to upgrade.

No, there is no extra charge to upgrade. You just need to pay the difference between two packages.

Log in to the HostingBay Clients log in page on below link. https://hostingbay.com.au/newsite/html/members.html Click the ‘My Details’ button and update your details.

Log in to the Client area using the link below. Once logged in click ‘My Products & Services’. Click View details to cancel. Hit cancel request button and follow the prompt.


Alternatively you can send the cancellation request and reason from the registered e-mail address to support@hostingbay.com.au for manual processing.

Most of this case the IP address of your premises is blocked for some reason. It can be failure login to e-mail or control panel access. When it reaches a certain number of failure attempt from a single IP address, the system will temporarily block the IP address to protect from a malicious attempt. Please send us the IP address of the premises to visit www.whatismyip.com site and advise us the IP address to send an e-mail to support@hostingbay.com.au or call +61 3 9417 3368 to check the blockage on system.

Your web developer should be able to modify the pages of your website through FTP access. If you have your own web developer simply pass the login information to them. If you would like to please see the below 2 suggestions.

Access website file through FTP

Download it to your own computer. Modify the web file and re-upload it.

Access cPanel with given username and password.

  • Browse Files
  • Click ‘File Manager’- select ‘Home directory’
  • Click ‘Go’ button
  • Select the designated file to modify. When the file is highlighted ‘Edit, Code editor, HTML Editor’ Button on top will be activated.

As there are many different types of mail software e.g. Microsoft Outlook, Mac mail, Thunderbird, it is a matter of to find a correct mail server setting information. The required email setting information can be found on cPanel. Login cPanel ? Mail -> Click ‘Email Accounts’ icon -> Click ‘More’ button next of the email address -> Select ‘Configure Email client’. All required email setting information can be found on the next page.

Yes. Our shared hosting environment is most CMS friendly include WordPress, Joomla and Drupal.es.

DNS Propagation is the delay between when you change a DNS record and when the new version is the only version on the web. If someone tries to access your site they ask their DNS provider for the IP address of your site. The DNS server will check it’s records to see if it has been recently accessed and if it has will provide you the cached version. Only after the TTL (Time To Live) has expired will it get a fresh copy. This means that if your TTL is set to 4 hours it will take about 6 hours for the change to take full effect. If you have the TTL set at 5 minutes it will propagate within about 10 minutes.

CMS (Content Management Solution) is essentially a shortcut to creating beautiful, functional web pages with little to no actual coding in PHP or similar languages. This means that a layman can build a website without having to spend years learning about security, UX design, database administration, and the rest of the complex and advanced technologies involved with making a web page. This also means less maintenance costs and better reliability on your web site. Some solutions are; Joomla WordPress Drupal And many more.

SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) is a type of encryption which secures your access to a web page. It is most commonly used on sites which process payments such as stores and banks, however it is being used on more sites by the day. It protects you and your users by encrypting communication between the two of you, preventing someone who listens from understanding what you are passing back and forth. This means that you can handle credit cards and personal information while knowing that the data is safe from thieves and hackers.

We can host any portion of your web services, whether it be just your email or just your web site. We can even host just one subdomain if you need it separate from your main site. This can be useful if you are using an internal Exchange server, a customer web application on customer software, or just want the security that comes from separating components of a site.


Unrivaled speed, uptime, and scalability make HostingBay the best place to host WordPress sites.

CPANEL Servers

cPanel makes administering your server easy, you can set up email accounts, configure vacation messages, check usage and much more


Rest easy knowing a world class team of WordPress developers is always available to help.


Want an audit on how well you current site is doing? We’ll give you the details so you can plan for growth uncluding speed tests and Google analytics.

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