About HostingBay

Great Service since 2002
Proudly Independent

HostingBay - Web hosting by Web People for Normal People

The HostingBay team consists of hosting experts and web developers. Our strong suit is being able to help both techies and ‘normal’ people. We host and help mums and dads, business people and nerds.

Our strength is not just our technical knowledge,
it’s our desire to help our customers

Our Team Members


Business development, including web, marketing and client relations. 


Ali can handle all items up to Level 3 (which is the trickiest stuff). He prides himself in providing patient and friendly support for non-technical people


In charge of high level tech support. When it’s something unusual we call in Nevin.


Accounts and business compliance, ‘Tidier Of Loose Ends’, she keeps the wheels turning.


Web Developer and so much more. He specialises in WordPress and has done so since WordPress was in Beta!


Graphic Design And everything else. Want to leave the right impression? Zoe can put together a layout that will impress.

Need Help? Call our support team (03) 9417 3368