Google is becoming focused on making the internet more trusted so greater numbers of people do business over the internet, that’s good for Google’s bottom line.

The Little Green Padlock - SSL Certificates
The Little Green Padlock – SSL Certificates

One way of doing this is by encouraging websites to use security certificates (SSL certificates), to most users this means a website shows a little green padlock in the address bar in their browser. A security certificate encrypts (scrambles) data sent from the users’ computer to the web server, protecting the users’ personal and potentially financial details like their name, address and credit card information. Google Chome will now display a notice saying a website is ‘Not Secure’ if it does not use an SSL certificate.

There are 2 benefits of adding an SSL certificate:

  • The website will not show as insecure and instead will display the green padlock
  • It appears that Google will give a slight SEO boost to sites using SSL

There are 2 options:

  • 1 year certificate – $50 installation fee, $80 annual fee, or
  • 2 year certificate – $160 fee, no installation fee

If you believe an SSL certificate would be useful to your website you can reply to this email and I’ll get a certificate added for you.