E-commerce Web Design Trends of 2016

An e-commerce website must be beautiful in order to be effective. Check out the web design trends that are considered the best this year.

Large backgrounds

This trend in e-commerce web design became popular in 2015, and it has only increased the number of followers since then. Huge background images and videos that help tell the brand’s story draw the eyes of visitors and capture their interest. These are especially effective for attracting attention to a specific product or service.

Hidden menus

Minimalism rocks nowadays, so every solution that removes the clutter from an e-commerce website is a welcome addition to design. Hamburger menus, in particular, are most popular today because they work equally good for mobile and desktop devices.

Card layout

The growing popularity of Pinterest is responsible for this particular e-commerce web design trend. It’s so effective because it provides your visitors with an opportunity to browse the products quickly, and beautiful pictures never fail to catch the viewer’s attention and motivate them to buy. Showcasing specialised groups of products (new arrivals, sale, etc.) in such an aesthetic manner is an efficient promotion tactic.

Long scroll

This is one of the e-commerce web design trends that became popular due to the growing number of mobile users. It’s much easier to scroll than to click on a smartphone or tablet. Designers moved this particular presentation method to desktop computers in order to induce familiarity and ease associated with mobile devices. This trick works particularly well for businesses that aim to tell a story with their website.

Great animations

According to recent surveys, animations are one of the most effective tools for engaging customers. They enhance the online shopping experience, so any e-commerce business that wants to grow and attract new clients should be using rich animations, such as icon rotations, button spins, etc.

Dynamic product search

Dynamic views make online shopping easier for your customers, so introducing this particular element into e-commerce web design in a must. The larger the vendor’s inventory, the more important this type of product search becomes as a great number of buyers leaves the shop if they can’t find the products they need fast.

Material design

Created in 2015, this e-commerce web design trend has been gaining popularity since. This style is minimalistic, but if used right, it can be incredibly attractive. The biggest benefit of this particular design is that it allows creating interfaces that are both beautiful and clear. Therefore, the website is aesthetically appealing and convenient for your customers to use.