Important factors to consider when choosing a web hosting service 

Traditionally, most Australian businesses have relied on Australian service providers for web hosting. However, recent years have witnessed a surge in offshore providers luring Australian businesses, and even Australian hosting service providers are enticed to join the bandwagon. The strategy employed by most offshore companies is to offer significant savings in the hosting fee charged.  But, the fine print is often overlooked and by the time Australian businesses realise that the lower upfront fee does not translate into an effective saving, it gets a bit difficult to switch over to a truly Australian web host service provider.

Apparently local but in reality offshore

Many of these offshore providers partner with Australian companies and present themselves as a local web host provider. To reassure businesses, they even provide a domain name with extension and local customer care as well as sales and support phone numbers.  Some of the Australian hosting service providers have also chosen to move their servers to data centres overseas to achieve economy in operations.

Time zone issues can impact your business in multiple ways

For instance, on a Friday morning when Australians start to work around 9 am in Melbourne, most of the US is at the end of their Thursday, critical support that you need may not come forth for several hours. If your website deals with e-commerce, this could potentially lead to many avoidable inconveniences and even affect your traffic analysis.

SEO aspect 

Search engine optimisation is critical for the success of any business. When your web host server is physically located offshore, say in the US for instance, the related IP address is often linked to the physical location of the website/server. This way search engines try to connect users with businesses that are proximate to their physical location. But, with an offshore IP address, the search engine recognises your business as an offshore business and not an Australian business. This discrepancy can prevent many Australian users from viewing your business as an Australian business. This confusion can be totally eliminated when you use an Australian web hosting service.

Checking your web host server location

It is never difficult to check where your web host server is physically located. is an excellent tool that will help you identify the precise location of the server deployed by your web host service provider.